Avery & Kyle

When Avery and Kyle decided on an intimate wedding with just their family in the beautiful state of Colorado, we were thrilled for them! You can imagine are excitement that followed when they asked my husband and I to be part of that special day! We’ve witnessed these two grow so much over the last 9 years and watching God bring together their two lives over the past year has been such a blessing to us! Their wedding was on a cool overcast day with a few sprinkles here and there but nothing stopped us from exploring the beautiful Garden of the Gods.

Avery and Kyle, thank you so much for letting us be part of this special season! We love you both so much and we’re thrilled to see what this next chapter holds for your family!

Enjoy a browse through their picturesque wedding day!



London + Paris

Last month Chris and I had the opportunity to spend the week in London. It was a trip designed for both work and play. Throughout the week Chris met with several other pastors from all over England and the US and learned all about how God is moving and transforming lives from one corner of the world to another. I was able to meet up with some old college friends and do a styled shoot, as well as see some family, and explore. It was an amazing week and we learned so much!

I’ll be honest, London was never on my list of places to visit. In fact, when I knew that we would be that close to Paris, I immediately booked us train tickets and a hotel room just so we could see the Eiffel Tower and experience Paris, even if it was for only 24 hours. Going into the week I was looking more forward to Paris, but as soon as I started walking around London I immediately fell in love and never wanted to leave! I couldn’t get over how beautiful all the architecture was, how the shops were a perfect blend of modern and tradition, and how friendly everyone was. Like, really REALLY friendly! I had multiple people notice the confused look on my face at the underground stations and would offer to help. One day someone walked three blocks out of their way just to point Chris in the right direction. Everyone smiled and said cheers and there was even “Quotes of the day” at some of the underground stations on the white boards! I mean c’mon! How friendly is that?! I pretty much fell in love with the city and am currently trying to talk to Chris into moving there (just kidding… kinda!). But until I can make that happen I’ll just walk down memory lane with some of our pictures from the week. Below is a collection of IPhone and camera photos. Hope you enjoy looking through them, and if you haven’t been yet, I hope they inspire you to book your tickets!

Anytime I visit a new city I love checking out local coffee shops and book stores. Brown and Rosie was the perfect spot for me to warm up in one afternoon and had the yummiest hot chocolate! Naturally I freaked out and hade to take a selfie with the red photo booth! And what I would give to have the smell of this book store come through your screen right now! You could literally smell the paper pages! I thumbed through a couple of the books but ended up buying a few Paddington chapter books for the girls!2018-02-19_00192018-02-19_00202018-02-19_00212018-02-19_0018Chris and I started one of our mornings at the Kensington Creperie and it was ahhhhmaaazing!!! Seriously, the British know how to cook! Nothing like having a milk chocolate and strawberry crepe for breakfast! 2018-02-19_0017We jumped on the underground and headed to Paddington Station per the girls request. We were pleased to find a Paddington statue at the station and it won us major brownie points with the kids! 🙂 2018-02-19_00042018-02-19_00142018-02-19_0015When planning our trip this was a must see for Chris! We had a great time taking turns walking across Abbey Road and making sure we didn’t get hit by a car! And for those of you who aren’t music people, this is a reference to the Beatles .2018-02-19_00012018-02-19_00032018-02-19_00022018-02-19_0016Buckingham Palace was on my must see list and I loved every minute of it. Oh how I wish it would have been May 19th!2018-02-19_00222018-02-19_0023The infamous balcony that Prince Harry and Megan will be standing on in a few short months, and the road that will be filled with thousands of people trying to catch a glance at the newlyweds! 2018-02-19_00262018-02-19_00242018-02-19_00252018-02-19_0027At the end of the day we headed over to 5:00 mass at Westminster Abbey. It was just as beautiful as it looked on tv when I watched Prince William and Kate’s wedding a few years ago. No cameras or phones were allowed to be out, but we walked out to see the outside illuminated with these beautiful colors!2018-02-19_0036The next morning we boarded a train to Paris. 2018-02-19_00402018-02-19_00322018-02-19_0034As many pictures as I take, Chris and I have very few professional ones of just the two of us. When we went to New York a few years ago I wanted to book a photographer to do a session with us there, and never got around to it and regretted it. I searched all over and found the perfect photographer for us to do a session at the Eiffel Tower. Does it get any cooler than that? Tim Moore was amazing and if/when we go back we can’t wait to connect with him again! 2018-02-19_00092018-02-19_00052018-02-19_00132018-02-19_00072018-02-19_00062018-02-19_00082018-02-19_00122018-02-19_00102018-02-19_0011The Eiffel Tower at night was magical! 2018-02-19_00312018-02-19_0030The next morning we woke up early to see sunrise and take a few more pics at the Eiffel Tower. We had breakfast at the best french cafe and bought a few macaroons for souvenirs at a little bakery. We met a sweet lady who happened to be from Florida that snapped a few pics of Chris and I.2018-02-19_00352018-02-19_00332018-02-19_00372018-02-19_0038

bon voyage!