Engagement & Proposal

Kim + EJ | Engagement Session

Words can’t even describe how happy I am for my sweet friend Kim! A few years ago God crossed our paths as cheerleading coaches. We coached a varsity cheer team for three years together. She is opposite from me in so many ways which made the perfect balance! I was the ying and she was my yang. She was positive and I tended to “keep it real” more often than not. She is full of grace and I brought the “justice”. She was the encourager and I was the pusher. But a few things we did have in common was that we loved our teams and we both wanted her to find the man of her dreams!

Dating is so stinkin’ hard these days – can I get an amen?! Kim is an amazing woman! She is full of life, so positive, energetic, has a great sense of humor, and believes the best in people. I knew it would take an incredible man to win her heart and appreciate everything she has to offer.

When I met EJ I instantly knew that he was the one we hoped and prayed for! Not only does he appreciate her silly personality, but he encourages it and plays right along with her. He’s kind and encouraging and the perfect person to take care of one of my sweetest friends!

Enjoy this preview from their engagement session! Their wedding is only a few weeks away so you’ll be seeing them again soon!

Congrats Kim and EJ! We love you guys!


Engagement & Proposal

Crystal + Matthew

You guys have to meet Crystal and Matthew! This fun loving couple is from the beautiful state of New York. Life opened doors for both of them to come down to Florida and boy am I glad it did. Not only have I met new beautiful clients, but new friends! They are both so much fun to be around, kind, hilarious, and so loving towards each other!

It was a beautiful morning that allowed us the time to capture their love and excitement! Matthew proposed on their five year dating anniversary and I can’t wait to celebrate their new wedding anniversary at the stunning Cypress Grove Estates!

Crystal and Matthew, thank you so much for letting me come alongside your relationship and capture this beautiful season! I can’t wait to meet all your family and party with you guys… because I know with you two, it’s going to be a party!!



Engagement & Proposal

Thomas + Gabby Engagement Session

You guys! I cannot even handle this engagement session! Literally everything went perfect! It was a chilly Florida day with the sun bursting through the trees of this gorgeous state park. It provided a bright warmth that I love so much with just the right richness of color! Gabby and Thomas are the sweetest couple you’ve ever met, and I had the best assistant by my side making sure that everything was just right.

During this session I felt like pinching myself the whole time. How did I even get here?! I was typically the athlete, not the artist. I went to school for teaching, not photography. So how did I find myself in a field all giddy about amazing sun flare images with the sweetest couple and the best friend a girl could ask for?!


A holy surrender to what I thought my life would be. A life I planned out and thought I wanted. A plan that never included this city or this career. But thankfully, God knew me better than I knew myself. Sixteen years ago I surrendered my life to Him and it continues to be a life I didn’t even know I wanted. A life that is filled with joy and heartbreak. Laughter and tears. Victories and hardships. Mistakes and forgiveness. An abundant life.

Being around Gabby and Thomas on that Wednesday afternoon reminded me of how wonderful the beginning of their new season is. It’s a season of so many plans and so many question marks. A season of beginnings and ends. Of excitement and fear. Of laughter and tears. A season where you truly have no idea what you’re committing to but nonetheless you dive in and you surrender. You surrender to what was and what will be. And in that holy surrender, you find life.

Congratulations Gabby and Thomas in this new season! I’m humbled and thankful you let me come along with you!