About Me

Hi there, I’m Nikki Ogden. Most days you can find me at home being a yoga-pants wearing wife to my amazing husband and a mama to our two daughters and son.

I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, going for long walks and bike rides, retreating to the beach, and having meaningful conversations with friends over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. I love supporting my husband in his life calling and passion for ministry in the local church. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to stay home and watch our children grow daily. I love watching their passion for life, and let me tell ya, they have a lot of it!


I’m mostly known for being a lover of all things chocolate (there’s no such thing as too rich), being fiercly loyal to my family, crying every time I watch a military homecoming video, and repeatedly binge watching The Office, Friends, and Parenthood (greatest.show.ever.)

As I continue to grow, so does my photography. A few things that will always remain the same is my desire to stay raw, real, and authentic and to always express that through my photographs. I want you to look back at these memories one day and feel all the feels! Capturing the special seasons of life and allowing you to relive those moments through photographs is why I do what I do!