Family Sessions | 2017

I truly believe that the last three months of the year are the best! In my experiences those months have been filled with good food, time with family, and festivities that remind me of what life is really all about. It’s also one of my favorite times of the year because I get to see so many other families that I love, and even meet new ones that I instantly fall in love with! I wouldn’t typically call myself a “family photographer” as I mainly focus on couples, weddings, and seniors, but I always look forward to what I call the “Christmas Card” season.

Taking family pictures can be so hard sometimes, especially for those of us that have littles! That’s typically why we only do it once a year! It never fails that before a session someone from the family calls me to warn me: This little girl is shy… This little boy can’t stand still…. This cousin hates pictures….. This hasn’t happened since so and so was born, and now she’s ten. There’s always a preface and I just laugh to myself and assure them everything will be just fine, and it always is! I always love my time with every family but even more I love capturing the laughs, the twirls, the swings, and all the little moments in between the meltdowns!

Here’s to my 2017 “Christmas Card” families. I hope you enjoy looking through some of my favorites as much as I enjoyed taking them!

The Melnicks – I met this family about four years ago through my cheerleading coaching years. I instantly fell in love with them as they are the sweetest and most supportive family ever! I’ve loved pouring into their daughter’s life, as they have poured into mine!

2018-01-01_00072018-01-01_00062018-01-01_00082018-01-01_0009They’re also just so stinkin’ fun!

The Slones & Waters – I’ve grown up with this family for the past 20+ years and have been taking their photos for the past four! What was so special about this session was that we took their photos on their land where they’re building their new home! How cool is that?! And of course we had to give lots of lovin’ to grandma!2018-01-01_00042018-01-01_00032018-01-01_00052018-01-01_00012018-01-01_0002

The Langstons – You may know this by now, but this precious family just happens to be my sister’s. This year my sister had such a great idea! Sometimes the thought of coordinating outfits and getting a toddler to look and smile can be overwhelming. In the attempt to enjoy the day and not be stressed she decided that they would spend a family day at the beautiful Bok Tower and I would follow them around. I have to admit, it was one of the most fun sessions I’ve done! Instead of pressure to get the perfect photo, I got to focus on capturing their genuine encounters and reactions! It made for the perfect, non-stressful day!2018-01-01_00262018-01-01_00272018-01-01_00282018-01-01_00312018-01-01_00292018-01-01_00302018-01-01_0032

The Adams – You’ve seen this family in front of my camera since they were babies and engaged! Now they have their own baby! I loved getting to capture their first Christmas season as a family of three this year!2018-01-01_00132018-01-01_00122018-01-01_00112018-01-01_00142018-01-01_00162018-01-01_0015

The Weikers – This couple is so much fun to be around! Whether we’re walking the streets of Disney together or they’re all mushy gushy in front of my camera, I always have the best time with them! I captured their wedding a few months ago and was able to capture their first married Christmas a few weeks ago! We even got to play with some “Florida snow” ;).2018-01-01_00232018-01-01_00242018-01-01_00202018-01-01_00222018-01-01_0021

The Ives – This family wanted to feature their sweet little girl this year, and can you blame them?! But as a I saw her smile up at her daddy I convinced mom and dad to jump in for a couple too!2018-01-01_00192018-01-01_00182018-01-01_0017

The Parrys – I see this family from time to time at church, but about once a year I get to spend a morning with them capturing their sweetness! They seriously have the kindest children who just love each other and their parents! It’s always a joy to spend time with them!2018-01-02_00012018-01-02_00022018-01-02_00042018-01-02_0003

The Robinsons – When I talk about twirls, swings, and laughter this family is all of that! I love watching them be themselves together! They’re hardly a “look and pose” family, which makes me so happy because I’m hardly a “look and pose” photographer!2018-01-01_00372018-01-01_00352018-01-01_00392018-01-01_0034

The Uths – You’ve seen them here before but there’s no way I could leave this gorgeous family out! This little boy made his family’s Christmas a little more special this year! He’s not the apple of their eye or anything 😉 2018-01-01_00452018-01-01_00472018-01-01_00442018-01-01_00422018-01-01_00432018-01-01_00412018-01-01_0040

The Eitels – This was the first year I was able to capture this family and it was such a gift! They have the sweetest little girls who loved showing all their affection for mommy and daddy! We had so much fun at the end of our session that we started planning a dinner date with our families! I can’t wait to get to know this sweet family even better!2018-01-01_00492018-01-01_00502018-01-01_00512018-01-01_00522018-01-01_0053


So apparently when my littles get older they’ll move away and their time at home will be limited (insert all the tears!). I absolutely love when I get the call that all of a mama’s children are coming back to the nest for a few days and family pictures are a priority! These next few families are just that, children and grandchildren in town for the holidays. This year I’ve heard these sessions and photographs being used as Christmas gifts, prayer boards, and new frames being filled to hang in a house currently being built! However they’re being used, I know they’ll be treasured!

The Mitchells – This family was so much fun! I just loved their southern accents, loud laughs, and big smiles! This family was filled with joy and adoration for the newest little member of the family…. but you can’t tell by looking at any of these pictures 😉 2018-01-02_00072018-01-02_00052018-01-02_00082018-01-02_00112018-01-02_00122018-01-02_0009

The Nelsons – Oh my goodness! This day was an abnormally cold day in the sunshine state. But everyone was such a trooper and I honestly love their outtakes just as much as I love their formals! 2018-01-02_00182018-01-02_00202018-01-02_00192018-01-02_00172018-01-02_0021

The Blackwelders – I’m use to the babies being the center of attention, but it was so beautiful how the grandmother was the apple of this family’s eye! She’s a perfect picture of love, beauty, strength, and grace. 2018-01-02_00132018-01-02_00142018-01-02_00152018-01-02_0016

The Allens – It was a gloomy and foggy morning but when a mama gets all of her children home from three different states, it doesn’t even matter – pictures are a MUST! And what a fun season to capture them during: One son just had his first baby. The other son just got married. And I’m thinking their daughter might have a ring on her finger by this time next year 😉 2018-01-01_0055Family-262018-01-01_00542018-01-01_0056


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