Alex + Uina

Uina and Alex are such a special couple and everyone who knows them can attest to that. They’re complete opposites that compliment one another so well. They value God, family, and friends, and everything about their wedding day proved that.

The week leading up to the wedding the forecast predicted it would rain the entire day. We got to praying and as I woke up Friday morning the forecast had changed to “mostly sunny with a chance of showers in the evening”. Thank you Lord! Uina and Alex’s big day was planned for that morning and afternoon.

I arrived to the hotel early that morning to find Uina preparing for her big day surrounded by her mother, sister, and closest friends. She was relaxed, joyful, and taking it all in. Uina spent months pouring into every small detail and keeping everything organized in a four inch binder. Today was her day to sit back and enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Alex was surrounded by his best friends. They tucked in the shirts, buttoned the buttons, tied the ties and had hours to spare. They ate donuts and laughed about inside jokes while Alex anxiously waited for his bride. He had felt this feeling before, as the beginning of their love story was based on his patience and his will to wait.

This is not a “love at first sight” story. No, this is a “I’ll wait on what the Lord has said is mine” story. Alex knew long before Uina did that she would be his bride. He was a picture of persistence, patience, and perseverance. It was a beautiful day for all of us who knew them when God prepared Uina’s heart for her groom.

We cried during their ceremony and partied with them at the reception. It was truly a beautiful day that was a perfect representation of who they are as a couple. They ran through bubbles down the send off line hugging family and taking the time for one last kiss. Alex opened the door for his bride, tucked in her dress, jumped in the driver’s seat, gave a last honk and drove off {and I kid you not, it started raining!}.

I’m honored to share a recap of their special day with you! Congratulations Alex and Uina! We love you!


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