She said, “YES”!

I was absolutely thrilled when Thomas called me and shared his plans to propose to his long-term girlfriend. This guy had every detailed planned! He told me the date, time, and location. He shared with me how Gabby thought they were going on a lunch date and to possibly look at rings. Little did she know Thomas’ family ring was sitting in his pocket waiting to be placed on her hand. 

That Sunday morning I grabbed my camera, my 70-200mm, and a couple of umbrella’s just incase, and headed to the Rose Garden in Winter Park, Fl. I decided to walk around the park taking pictures of flowers and squirrels until I spotted the couple.

I spotted them walking up Park Ave. I squatted behind the bushes and clicked away capturing this beautiful moment in their relationship!


He got down on one knee,

She covered her face.

He asked.

She said, “Yes!”

They both laughed and embraced one another.




I was so impressed at how Thomas took care of every detail, even down to making sure he had a photographer there. But once I came from out of the bushes and was able to congratulate the couple, I could instantly see why Thomas loved Gabby. She was bubbling over with excitement, shock, surprise, and joy. She was feeling all the feels and it was so much fun to be around and capture.

These two are so sweet with each other. They’ve been together since high school and have endured the long-distance college life for the past few years. They already display a level of commitment to their faith and each other that is hard to come by at all, much less at their age. I cannot wait to celebrate them next summer and I’m so thankful they’ve allowed me to enter into their love story and allow me to share it with all of you!

Congratulations Thomas and Gabby! I’m so happy for you both and can’t wait to capture your big day!


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