Uth Family Session

This family session was my first one of the crazy holiday season and what better way to start it off than with the happiest baby ever?!

Kayla and Andrew are one of the sweetest couples! I have known of them for several years, but this past year life events brought us closer. Earlier this year Kayla and Andrew welcomed their first child into their family. Sweet Sawyer Beau wanted to come in his own timing and the journey of the NICU brought his mama and I together. It’s crazy to me that no matter how early your child is born, each family goes through the same process.

It’s another new mom that has to start her mothering journey off by wondering if she did something wrong (and of course she didn’t). Another new dad excited to meet his baby, worried about his wife, and left trying to balance this new normal. But what it also is, is another sweet miracle allowing us to see God’s goodness and miraculous power through one of his tiniest warriors.

Whether you’re there for 5 days or 5 months, the NICU journey is a tough one. The nurses are angels and the doctors are incredible at their job, but it’s just not natural. But when your journey is over and you get to bring your baby home, every moment after that is just a little sweeter. All of their “firsts” are just another reminder of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

Kayla and Andrew, thank you so much for letting me be part of Sawyer’s first Christmas season. You have a beautiful family and though I never wish the NICU on anyone, I’m so glad God used it to bring us together!


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